Reinvigorating the municipality’s brand

Client Varberg Municipality

Industry Public sector

Founded 1863

Location Halland, Sweden

How can a small town municipality preserve its local history and character, while staying competitive and up-to-date in a rapidly changing world? The municipality of Varberg needed to strengthen its employer brand, bolster pride among employees and at the same time stay relevant to and trusted by residents.

Varberg is a city with a vision: to become the creative center of the west coast by 2025. The fact that the vision has been developed and embraced by politicians, residents and local businesses alike sets the municipality apart. It’s an organization driven by a common goal and in a constant process of change, and that shared journey forms the basis of the brand for the municipality of Varberg.

We developed a common brand with a shared visual identity for the whole complex organization. The core of the brand is the municipality’s purpose: to simplify residents’ everyday life and inspire them to achieve their dreams. The city’s traditional coat of arms was carefully modernized into a modern logotype. A palette of colors drawn from the coat of arms as well as local nature is combined with typography, iconography, graphical elements as well as a clear image style and tonality. Together it can meet the organization’s large and varied communication needs.

Along with the municipality’s core values (defined as innovation, go ahead-spirit, knowledge and courage) and attitudes, the brand purpose helps guide all employees within the municipality towards a common goal. The common brand identity enables residents to more easily recognize the municipality in the many different contexts where it operates, and to understand and access its services.

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