Uni3 by Geely

As Geely decided to set up an innovation centre in Sweden it was more than a physical space. It was a symbol of commitment and belief. And an ambitious plan to attract the best companies and talents from all over the world – building a home for innovators. Ojity was brought in to develop the campus concept and brand.

Red Dot Award Winner
Brand & Design, 2021

Transform Award Nordics
Gold, 2021

Transform Award Nordics
Silver, 2021

Starting from scratch

The Geely Group is home to well known brands like Volvo Cars, Polestar, Lynk & Co, Zeekr, Lotus, Smart and many more. In 2017 Geely set out to build a 120 000 m2 innovation centre. The plan was ambitious. Geely wanted to develop a world leading creative hub that would attract the best talent and companies worldwide.

A home for innovators

We wanted to build a brand and a campus for people who want to be creative. A place where they can do the best work of their career and get inspiration from like-minded. We decided to build a home for innovators, and let every design-decision be guided by that. From brand identity to architecture, shops, restaurants and meeting places.

Uni3 and the five chinese element

Every house on the campus represents one of the five Chinese elements; wood, water, metal, earth and fire. The visual design concept shows how the colours of the different elements blend and create something new together. The result is an experience where East meets West, and almost 5000 innovators from more than 100 different companies run into each other over a coffee in the cafe or over a game of table tennis in the theatre.