Lynk & Co

In a crowded mobility market Lynk & Co stands out with innovative services and a strong design language. Every new model has its own design narrative and stories behind them, putting the designers in the spotlight and giving depth to the brand.

Urban mobility

Lynk & Co is designed to attract young urban consumers who live in the big cities. Not because they have to – but because they want to. A part of Geely, designed and developed in Sweden and built on the same technical platforms as e.g. Volvo Cars.

Design stories

The unique Lynk & Co experience is meticulously designed and engineered by a very talented team in the design studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s their stories and work that makes Lynk & Co stand out as a strong brand.

Behind the scenes

The strategic narrative around the designers work is used at launch events around the world, in social medias and wherever Lynk & Co cars can be found. It’s a story that celebrate craft, diversity and creativity. Making Lynk & Co so much more than just another car on the market.