A vibrant seaside city brand

Client City of Varberg

Industry City

Founded Around 1300

Location Halland, Sweden

Varberg is a vibrant seaside town on the Swedish west coast and a popular summer resort – but also a place with much more to offer. We developed a place brand for Varberg that enable more actors to communicate what’s special about Varberg in an inviting and inspiring way.

How can we get more people to discover what else Varberg has to offer beyond a summer holiday on the beach? Varberg is an area with strong growth that needs to keep attracting more new inhabitants, businesses, students, entrepreneurs and skilled professionals – as well as more visitors all year round. Ojity were tasked with developing a place brand for Varberg that can be used by the municipality itself and also by all other actors with an interest in communicating what’s great about Varberg.

Varberg is a dynamic place shaped by its environment, where activity and recovery co-exist. Varberg has a lifestyle of its own. It’s lively where the city meets the sea, where history stays alive and with a special relationship to water. It’s a place where ideas can grow. Varberg inspires.

Together with the project’s working group we defined the core of the place brand as “A place that inspires”. That’s the starting point for an identity that dares to be unexpected, exciting and varied. In a balanced whole every part adds to a strong and clear total experience of the brand. The identity is based around simple and distinct geometric shapes with strong colors drawn from Varberg landmarks, carried through in typography, iconography, image style, and layout solutions. The logotype with tagline captures the brand in its most condensed version.

Ojity delivered a complete brand platform with strategy and identity alongside a clear and easy to use brand manual aimed at everyone who communicates about Varberg. The common identity facilitates varied but coherent communication from different actors.

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