Smart student housing gets an attitude

Client ByggVesta

Industry Housing and development

Founded 1951

Location Stockholm, Sweden

The student housing concept Live to Grow by ByggVesta is not traditional Swedish student dorms, but rather real apartments with high standard – combined with a concept designed to create the best conditions for good study results and to build stronger student communities. How do we attract more students to sign up to the queue and apply for Live to Grow flats?

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The intellectual reasons for choosing to live in student housing that promotes good study results are sound and plentiful – and we do need to lay them out – but that doesn’t make it feel very exciting. That takes more attitude.

We developed a new communication concept for Live to Grow, launched on the new website A distinctive young and self-assured tonality adds character to all the smart arguments for choosing Live to Grow.

The website introduces the advantages of Live to Grow, presents the houses and makes it easy to sign up in ByggVesta’s own housing queue. Strong copy is central to the communication solutions.

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