Redefining the value Norwegian challenger brings to the table

Client Loxy

Industry Garments

Founded 1970

Location Headquarters in Halden, Norway

A new brand identity and a different way to tell their story helped the family-owned Norwegian manufacturer Loxy to show where their garment details make a critical difference. Boosting brand recognition as well as sales – and enabling employees to talk about what they do at work with pride.

Loxy, formerly known as Sto-Nor, is a market leading producer and distributor of seam sealing and reflective tapes. They turned to Ojity back in 2013 with the need to find a long-term brand strategy for the company and its different product lines – and the question of how to create buzz in a business-to-business market where micro-improvements are in constant focus.

A very technical product becomes more interesting when we switch focus from what to why – from singled-out products to what they are a part of. In this case, extreme sports wear or fire fighter gear. Because nothing is ever stronger than its weakest point, Loxy is part of making the best gear come together for situations where the details matter.

A new, modern name that collects all the company’s business areas and product lines under a unified umbrella, a new logo and a new identity strongly inspired by Loxy’s Norwegian heritage. Central to it all is a communication strategy based on attention-drawing storytelling about the situations where details from Loxy make a true difference – for a fire fighter on duty, for an adventuring world-class skier and sailor… The new brand identity was launched with a new web, print materials and an eye-catching stand for fairs and trade shows.

After the new brand strategy was launched, brand recognition has increased. The employees are much more comfortable talking about the Loxy value proposition – both the clarified product offer, and the flexible quality-oriented mindset ingrained in the company’s history. And sales have surged.

In an environment of cool blue and grey drawn from the harsh and dramatic Norwegian nature, the bright red details stand out.

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