A partner in the process of change

Client ByggVesta

Industry Housing and development

Founded 1951

Location Stockholm, Sweden

Since a first collaboration on brand identity almost ten years ago, we have supported the housing company ByggVesta with strategic support and continuous communication towards all kinds of stakeholders. A journey from challenger to a major player in their segment.

Several years after we first helped ByggVesta position themselves as a frontrunner in developing highly energy-efficient housing, the company returned to Ojity with new challenges. In a construction boom, the competition for both staff and land for new developments was tougher than ever. And because of previous successes there was a growing need to communicate not only with cities and partners, but also with tenants.

Making sure that tenants are happy in their environmentally friendly housing is very much about match-making – finding the customers who prioritize the same values the apartments are built with. The same holds true for finding new competent staff and partners. Cities and municipalities are also looking for developers that share their vision for vital and sustainable urban development.

Through a series of workshops with all the employees and the management at ByggVesta, we identified what sets the company apart from the competition. In the values that characterize how they behave and what they do everyday, we identified the basis for an updated brand identity and a renewed communication platform.

A renewed brand identity with more color and more playfulness alongside unique photography enables reaching new consumer audiences. The brand values we identified and summarized in a brand book and posters are helping the employees at ByggVesta to all tell the same story about what the company is about: Making the world a better place through their houses. Customer satisfaction has gone up, and ByggVesta continues to successfully get land and find competent partners for new developments.

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