Why we decided to change our name. What Ojity is about. And what we belive is the future of brand building.

Bye bye, Brandwork. Hello Ojity!

It’s time for a new type of partner. One that is part brand agency, part business consultancy. Ojity is here to design and deliver truly differentiating customer experiences.

Brandwork started out in 2005 to help companies and organisations build stronger, smarter and more inspiring brands. It was in many ways a different world; Spotify hadn’t started, Facebook was still in its infancy and the first iPhone had not yet been launched.

In 2005 branding was still mainly a job for the marketing department. Since then, we’ve seen how digitalisation has skyrocketed, bringing new business models, access to useful data – and to far too much data. The past 15 years have also brought the rise of inhouse agencies, a greater focus on customer experience and employer branding as well as the emergence of a new generation of value driven consumers and employees.

Over the years Brandwork has worked with everything from start-ups to international world leaders in a bunch of different industries. We’ve seen how many of these organisations struggle to transform their brand and business. Demands are steep: find new ways to collaborate across silos and organisations, make sure money is invested right, find external inspiration, build knowledge internally, and learn how to measure success. And get alignment between top management, budget owners and innovation teams.

We’ve seen the speed of change keep accelerating. To keep up, brands have to become much more customer focused and start delivering differentiating and meaningful experiences, connected to their promise and purpose. They need to harness technology and data to fuel constant service and business innovation. And to show that they are part of the solution – not the problem – to the big questions of our time. It’s a different mindset that has to be made a key priority across the whole organisation.

We believe it’s time for a new type of partner. One that is part brand agency, part business consultancy, able to design and deliver truly differentiating customer experiences. An agile partner, unafraid to get their hands dirty, working closely together with inhouse teams to drive change also in core processes and ready to scale with a strong network of partners when needed.

It’s 2021. Brandwork has had 15 consecutive years of positive results, 2020 included. We’re now broadening our offer and taking the next step in our journey by becoming Ojity, a brand and business transformation partner.

We’re very much looking forward to the coming 15 years – and beyond.