Launching a new digital service

GoVelo – Mobile bike repair

GoVelo has set out to change the way we fix our bikes. Wherever we are. Whenever we need it. At our fingertips.

Today we launched a completely new way to service your bike - just where you are. We’ve been working with the startup firm GoVelo Technology on conceptualizing, designing and building a new brand and a digital service. An agile process has taken us from idea to accomplishment within a just a few months.

Forget the trouble of getting your bike into your car, trying to find a bike repair shop willing to serve you. Before you know it, GoVelo will be at your driveway, your workplace or where you want them to be. GoVelo is a mobile bike repair service willing to serve you where you are, when you want. You also have the opportunity to drop/pick up your bike at one of the authorized GoVelo bike repair shops.

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