A brand to drive sustainable action

Client Innovatum Science Park

Industry Science park

Founded 1990:s

Location Trollhättan, Sweden 

The driving force at Innovatum Science Park is the conviction that we must act now to build a sustainable society. We set out to make their job easier and increase their impact by developing a brand platform that clarifies their role, a new visual identity and a website – all supporting the quest for sustainable solutions.

Innovatum Science Park was founded in the 1990s in an old factory area in Trollhättan, Sweden, to address an urgent need to revitalize the industry in the region and create new job opportunities. Since then, they have supported the development of 170 startups, currently run 9 business networks and 4 test and demo environments. The original name of Innovatum has become synonymous with both a science center for kids and youth and with the entire old factory area, now a popular spot housing numerous offices and apartments. The naming was confusing, and potential entrepreneurs and partners had trouble navigating what Innovatum Science Park could offer – all while the organization wanted to up the pace and increase its impact in addressing the major sustainability challenges of our time. 

The brand strategy must be developed from an outside-in perspective, instead of vice versa. What we as an organization can offer our clients and partners is more important than how we are organized. The role Innovatum Science Park plays is a key focus for the brand platform, as a strategic matchmaker that connects and develops ideas, companies and collaborations. While the brand development was ongoing, the organization also refined its processes and purpose, clarifying that it’s not just about creating any job opportunities, but rather to focus on innovative industrial solutions with a large impact.

A new brand architecture unites the business development offers under the Innovatum Science Park brand, and clearly separates it from the Innovatum Science Center and the Innovatum area. The brand platform clarifies the role of the science park and the shared vision that drives all of its activities: taking action today to create a sustainable society. A new brand identity helps establish Innovatum Science Park as a more coherent, recognizable actor.

The new brand identity is bold and colorful, combining a playful sensibility with a highly structured grid: the visuals can be unexpected, but never random. A central element in the visual identity is the dot – the dot over i in the logotype has strong character and life of its own and reappears as a building block throughout the design. Dotting the i is a Swedish idiom for adding the finishing touch that makes it all come together, precisely what Innovatum Science Park does in many of its projects. The dot can also represent a location, or a pebble in a pond, a seemingly small action that creates a much larger ripple effect.

The dot appears in different colors, as a full circle or in parts, in different placements on the grid, as decoration and in infographics – enabling great variation in the visual communication.

We built the new website with a modular design and highly flexible technical platform, enabling it to continuously be adapted to the changing needs and focuses of Innovatum Science Park. The website was developed in close collaboration with the communications team at the science park.